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weekend workouts

Weekend Workouts:
Warm-up (10 min cardio of your choice, 3 x 10 squats, dips, pull-ups)
6 rounds (4 rounds for a scaled-down option):
10 wall ball shots (make sure your squat is to full depth)
5 burpees

Warm-up: 1 mile run (walk if necessary), 3x5 sets turkish get-ups each side with
light weight
Strength: 4x8 deadlifts at 10-20lbs less than we did together
AMRAP 15min:
15 box jumps
15 sit-ups
run .15

Today's Workout

We learned snatches today.....

10 min warm up - light cardio

we started out with about 15 min learning proper form

20 min AMRAP:
Snatches, 15 lbs, 8 reps each side
dead lifts, 60 lbs, 10 reps

(about 10 mins)
Snatches, 15 lbs, 8 reps each side
dead lifts, 80 lbs, 8 reps
assisted pull up @140 as many as possible
Snatches, 15 lbs, 8 reps each side
dead lifts, 80 lbs, 8 reps
assisted pull up @135 as many as possible
Snatches, 15 lbs, 8 reps each side
dead lifts, 80 lbs, 8 reps
assisted pull up @130 as many as possible

10 min AMRAP
Snatches 15 lbs, 6 reps each side
jumps onto aerobic 'bench' (4 high + top) 12
Thrusters 20 lbs, 6
12 lunges

then we stretched

I thought i was going to puke, so i guess that was a good thing... After the gym, me and the boys went to grab some lunch... I did pretty well, i guess -- lettuce wrap with roast beef( 3oz) , provolone cheese (2 slices) and 2 slices of tomato. I have no idea what anyone has planned for dinner, so i guess i'll have to wait and see. I might do some protein shake later... we have those AMP flavours from GNC. I took an Oxy Elite Pro before we went to the gym, and i want to take another, but if i take it without food, i get crazy dizzy, and i need to run errands this afternoon.

Anyone have any ideas for what i should to tomorrow at the gym. If i don't see my trainer, all i really do is 30 min of cardio, then i tend to crap out and leave... I was to spend at least an hour there tomorrow... i just need to get motivated...

Gym tonight

 Full body workout.

I'm doing what i did on tuesday, just with a slight amount of cardio and 2 more things for the legs

Pre gym: 15 min. Pilates tape

Warm up.cardio (walk/jog 1 mile)

Free Weights:
chest press 10lbs
Flys 10lbs
tricep kickbacks 10 lbs
tricep extentions 10 lbs
bicep seated curls 10 lbs
bicep standing curls (w/that twist thingy) 12 lbs

Seated Row 50lbs
lat. pulldown 50 lbs
Shoulder press 25 lbs

back extentions w/5lb disk

Lower Body:
leg extentions 37.5 lbs
leg press 100 lbs
leg curl 12.5 lbs + plate
hip abduction 50lbs
hip adduction 50 lbs
Glute machine 25 lbs + plate


Jul. 1st, 2009

 I'm a lil scared to weigh myself... not gona lie
so today:

Pizza Binge: 435 Cal
Elliptical trainer: 315 Cal
Dinner: 204 Cal

Total: 324

Which is under my 500 Cal. goal for today :) Horray!

shitty summer

my friend/co-worker's dad is going to die.

I can't even begin to understand how he is feeling :( 
 down 6.4 pounds from June 2nd.  

i hate it here.

Getting back on track

 so... i'm a total wreck and i need to focus on something... so it's gonna be losing weight.  When living by myself, it's been the only thing that keeps me going...  I've made a little spreadsheet so i remember to do everything.

my goal for this week is getting up on time ( i know it's like 3:30 in the morning... i'm going to work on the sleep thing too), and tracking my progress.

i'm printing out my spread sheet that tracks the following:

time of taking daily votamins and suppliments

morning 'snack/meal' & pills i take with that (fat/carb blocker ect)

mid morning snack/meal & pills (thermogenic)

lunch meal/snack & pills (fat/carb blocker)

mid afternoon meal/snack (thermogenic)

dinner meal/snack 

Night 'meds' and allergy medication

if i did any weight training

how much cardio i did for the day

how much water i drank during the day


I need to do morning cardio every day and weight training 3 times a week.  I also meet with my trainer on tuesdays.  I've got my food tracker journal dusted off and ready to go.  I just need to make sure i get all the junkfood out of the house.  I need to get my weight under control.  I lost 5 pounds in my first week and a half, but then i binged on cookies last night and went up a lil less than a pound.  I didn't eat that much today, but i was too sore (from my workout the day before) to go to the gym.  Monday's are my late day, but i might be able to slip in some cardio because i called out of work.  We'll see...

 i am not okay enough to deal with all of this.

i can't wait for the summer to be over.
so, megan was talking about how it would rock if she could be a size 8 by the end of summer.  I'm such a huge fucking cow.  It would make my summer if i could get there before her. 

she's such an immature stupid fat pig.  ugh!  she can be nice, but i'm just so annoyed by her. 

maybe some competition is what i need?  

currently: 213.8
size: 14-ish

goal: size 8 by june 1

anyone think its possible?

Anyone want to whip my fat ass into shape.  I don't know if i can do this alone